The venova is a woodwind instrument, first developed and produced by Yamaha in early 2017. It's a light-weight instrument measuring just 46cm. The venova has a straight, cylindrical bore but it is able to imitate the sound of a conical bore such as a saxophone through a complex system of piping. It is tuned to C and has a range of two octaves.
History of the Venova
The venova is a relatively new creation, first developed and released by the Japanese corporation Yamaha in 2017. The idea was to create a single reed woodwind instrument that could emulate the saxophone while being light-weight and easy to carry. The outcome was the original YVS-100 that establishes a straight cylindrical bore but a tight twisting system of piping that can create the sound of a conical bore. There were no valves added and instead the player uses their fingers over sound holes like a recorder. Due to the relative simplicity of the venova’s two octave range, Yamaha has often marketed this instrument as an instrument for casual playing. Its tuning is in C. The venova is still at the beginning of its history in the world of musical instruments and has yet to have any notoriety for its use in popular and classical music recordings. However, it is becoming a popular portable instrument in Japan in particular. Unlike many brass and woodwind instruments, the venova is made entirely of a plastic ABS resin meaning it is one of the first instruments of its kind that can be washed.
Inventor: Yamaha Corporation

Where to Buy

£80 - £200

Hear the Venova

Audio of the Venova is Coming Soon

How to Play

A compact and lightweight wind instrument that combines the simplicity of a recorder with the sound of a saxophone. It's played by blowing into the mouthpiece and covering or uncovering the holes on the body of the instrument to produce different notes.

In Popular Music

Since the venova is an extremely new instrument in the grand scheme of music, it has not had a chance to appear on many popular music recordings. Composer Naoki Sakata has released a song called 'Venova Tango' and is believed to have appeared on recordings by experimental composer Kazuhisa Uchihashi

Famous Players

Pedro Eustache, Adam Rapa

Close Relations

Recorder, Saxophone
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