The Sax-a-boom is a fictional instrument featured in Tenacious D's music and performances. It would be considered a woodwind instrument (if it were a real instrument) and is most often played by lead singer Jack Black. The sax-a-boom resembles a saxophone and Black usually performs with the instrument solo as a humorous addition to their comedic rock style.
History of the Sax-a-boom
The sax-a-boom’s history as a novelty musical instrument is relatively short considering the thousands of musical instruments around today. The sax-a-boom instrument was invented in approximately 1998 by the DSI Toys Inc but was made popular by American musicians Jack Black and Kyle of comedy rock band Tenacious D. In the early 2010s, Jack Black took to bringing out this 1990s toy that resembled an alto saxophone during their live shows. This saxophone has a sequence of eight pre-programmed electronic samples that could be played by simply pressing each ascending button on the saxophone. The performance was a fan favourite moment from the beginning sparking an interest in this comical instrument. The original DSI Toys instrument had the words “Sax-a-boom” and “Kawaski” printed on the side, though the motor company Kawaski did not in fact have anything to do with the design. Since the Tenacious D performances and specifically Jack Black’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon with the sax-a-boom in 2018, rare sales of this collectable uncommon instrument have reached up to $500 on eBay. Jack Black also played the ‘Shred-a-boom during the early noughties but this instrument did not continue to be brought out at their live shows. In 2023, Kyle Gass responded with his max-a-boom resembling a baritone saxophone during Tenacious D’s concert tour.
Inventor: Jack Black & Kyle Gass

Where to Buy

$100 - $500

Hear the Sax-a-boom

Audio of the Sax-a-boom is Coming Soon

How to Play

A novelty instrument consisting of a plastic saxophone with a small speaker, played by blowing into the mouthpiece to produce electronic sounds.

In Popular Music

The sax-a-boom is a rare instrument that is really used solely as a joke instrument by Tenacious D band member and American actor Jack Black. He plays a solo instrument on the instrument during their live concerts.

Famous Players

Jack Black, Kyle Gass

Close Relations

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