Pan Pipes

pan pahyps
The pan pipes, sometimes referred to as pan flute, pappipe or syrinx, are a woodwind instrument that consist of a series of wooden or bamboo flutes that are held together with wax or string. These pipes are assembled in an ascending scale of notes with sound holes at the top for the player to blow across.
History of the Pan Pipes
The pan pipes are one of the most ancient musical instruments to ever exist and were first created in multiple continents of the world. Some of the oldest discovered evidence of pan pipes include Ancient Egyptian sculptures of panpipe players dating back 5,000 years. Primitive pan pipes using fewer than 7 flutes have also been found in many parts of Africa, while ancient Chinese pan pipes were said to have been made to resemble the wings of a phoenix. In Europe, Viking panpipes from the 10th century have been discovered in archaeological digs in the 10th century and early Russian panpipes known as kuviklï were considered a woman’s instrument for dance music. Today there are many common forms of pan pipes. Romanian pan pipes or panflutes often have a curved surface that allows the player to move the instrument around their face. Pan pipes are strongly associated with the Bolivian and Peruvian traditions of South America. The siku is a traditional and common instrument tuned to a diatonic scale that remains a culturally significant musical instrument of the region. Pan pipes have been used in various ways in folk songs and popular music recording in the 20th and 21st century and still remain particularly integral to Andean music of South America.
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How to Play

A group of pipes of varying lengths, played by blowing across the top of the pipes to produce different pitches.

In Popular Music

Famous American pop duo Simon & Garfunkel had pan pipes played on their song 'El Condor Pasa', they feature prominently throughout.

Famous Players

Zamfir, Gheorghe, Simon Shaheen, Pedro Eustache

Close Relations

Ocarina, Quena
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