Baroque Trumpet

buh-rohk truhm-pet
The baroque trumpet, sometimes called the natural trumpet, is a brass instrument from the trumpet family. It is much longer than the traditional trumpet in most modern orchestras and does not have any valves, instead using finger holes.The baroque is most famous for playing classical music from the baroque era.
History of the Baroque Trumpet
The baroque trumpet’s history cannot be traced back to a specific inventor, though it’s believed that in the 15th century, the brass instrument tubing began to resemble the shape of a trumpet we recognise today. One of the earliest examples of these trumpets was the baroque trumpet, an instrument with a conical shape and mouthpiece that stretched twice as long as a recognisable trumpet from a modern orchestra. These instruments were popular with 17th century composers such as JS Bach. The baroque trumpet lacks keys or valves to change the pitch as these wouldn’t be invented until the 18th century, though the range was entirely similar. The strong, medieval sound of a baroque trumpet is still frequently used today in film scores and for the recording and performance of baroque era classical music.
Inventor: Unknown

Where to Buy

£230 - £1,000

Hear the Baroque Trumpet

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How to Play

A trumpet with a longer, more conical shape that produces a mellower sound than a modern trumpet. It's played by blowing air through a mouthpiece and using valves to change the pitch.

In Popular Music

The baroque trumpet is specifically designed to immitate baroque pieces of music so is seldom used in popular music. A recent recording by Alison Balsam champions the baroque trumpet, featuring it heavily on her album Royal Fireworks (2019)

Famous Players

Niklas Eklund, John Foster

Close Relations

Natural Trumpet, Cornetto
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