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Our Mission at Instruments of Music is to successfully catalog, expand upon, and allow for the discovery of the widest array of musical instruments from across the world, from the exceedingly common to the downright bizarre. 


Hi, I’m Chris

I’m the co-owner of and I’m also a freelance musician and singer-songwriter. My passion for musical instruments started very young and as a child I would often try to get my hands on unusual instruments like the ocarina, the zither, the stylophone and so many others.
I’ve been lucky enough to tour Europe with my original music and work in recording studios that opened my world to so many fascinating musical instruments. This experience encouraged me to share this fascination with an online community. I hope this website provides you with inspiration and knowledge on the musician’s weapons of choice: their instruments of music. 

Favourite artists: The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Bob Dylan and Paolo Nutini

Favourite Musical Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Xaphoon and Bass Guitar

Hi, I’m James

I’m the co-owner of and I’m also a digital marketing freelancer. When Chris approached me with the idea to create an online home for musical instruments, I immediately recognized his passion for niche curiosities in me. I’ve spent many years sharing my knowledge of men’s wallets on my website and I’m glad to be collaborating on this new online community for music lovers.

Favourite artists: Oasis, Pink Floyd, and My Chemical Romance

Favourite Musical Instruments: Piano, Violin and Mibira



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